The simulacrum of reality

Behind the masks of appereance

Disconnect and self destruction, one bullet at a time, What’s your rush neo? Everyone will have his day to die A perfect circle, The Outsider [Reality does not exist. Those who share this opinion live beyond time. After having acknowledged this condition, the man can only confront contingency as a matter of self-consistency. If everything…
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Keep off the daisies

Postmodern present, where every traces of the linearity of the Progress seems to be dissolved together with History, has swallow and by this time digest deep transformations of the human thought’s structures, perception of space and time, sense of the world and of the image that individuals elaborate about themselves. In a world every day…
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Litterality of photography

The background is usually white, or monochrome, the object is placed in the middle: this type of composition has its own story, actually two. After a modernist postulate, where is a reduction there is also precision and a request for attention on those aspects that overwise might be overlooked by the viewer; but that white…
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Human all too human

Much has been said about the body in recent years, this due to a renewed cult of the physical, its dissolving into the collective imagination and, lastly, due to themes linked to the so called “post-human” and “post-organic”. From showgirls and tall slim hedonists, from Second life to plastic surgery and biotechnologies, the body seems…
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The denied step

In his heroic time, in all his technical writings above all in the surprising Diario di un borghese [Diary of a Bourgeois], Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli firmly insisted that one should write – in any case on Archaeology and History – in such a way as to be understood by everybody, simply, modestly and in a…
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